ConVeno is a specialised back office support structure, managing your day-to-day administrative functions, providing you with bespoke solutions.

Working with ConVeno means ensuring that your organisation can focus on your areas of focus without spending unnecessary time and effort on administrative tasks. 

Conveno can relieve the administration burden and simplify the processes of the day to day / weekly running of the club.

Whilst Conveno focuses on the administrative activities, the club management can focus on the club strategy and growth but continue to have the ongoing engagement/collaboration of the parents who can make match days a more enjoyable experience for the membership and help the coaches to be prepared for match days.

Conveno can work with current platforms in place to run all activities or work with the club to introduce new platform(s) that meet the needs of the club.

We envisage Conveno to take on the following, but these activities are not limited:

Pre-season activities:

• Managing existing membership enrolments and new members (including waiting lists).
• Managing players on the FA Whole Game System to ensure the respective league managers are in
readiness for the new season.

Training/Match Day Support:

• Send out player availability for training and match days so coaches can plan sessions/match days accordingly.
• Set up and provide online registers to coaches to register the attendance of players at weekly training sessions.

Manage your Coaches & Volunteers

• Recommend and set up a communication support system / platform for your team of coaches, support staff and parents that is consistent across the club.
• Track the status of coaches First Aid, Safeguarding qualifications and give club management advance notification when a renewal is due.

Email Support

• Manage the club inbox and or manage large mailshots for each age group etc.

Club Subscription Support

• Set up online payment links for club subscriptions.
• Report out to club management on outstanding subscriptions.
• Follow up on outstanding subscriptions.


• At club management / coach level.

Support Club Tournaments

• Managing and planning for club tournaments

Website Development and Social Media

• Mobile and tablet compatibility to ensure maximum user experience and engagement
• Enhancing branding and market presence


• Keeping the membership abreast of activities and news